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I am extremely fortunate to work with PhD-to-be collaborators at the University of Maryland and elsewhere. Nearly all academic work is collaborative in nature, and the research coming out of my lab is no different. If you are interested in joining the University of Maryland, please start here!

PhD (Current)

MSc (Alumni)

PhD (Alumni)

Our lab hosts undergraduate and outstanding high school students for research experiences; these can be either informal, quasi-formal (e.g., through the CMSC499 course at UMD), or very formal (e.g., through our NSF-funded REU Combinatorics and Algorithms for Real Problems (CAAR), on which I am co-PI) arrangements. Below are students with whom our work resulted in something that has been, or could be, published at the level of a top-tier workshop or higher.

Pre-PhD (Current & Past)

  • Davidson Cheng, Colorado College, 2022—, Next position: TBD
  • Yang Hong, Bucknell, 2022—, Next position: TBD
  • George Wei, UMass Amherst, 2021—, Next position: Meta AI Residency
  • J. J. Shankar, Pomona, 2021—2022, Next position: Fulbright (Taiwan)
  • Bradon Thymes, Howard, 2021—2022, Next position: Cornell (PhD)
  • Elizabeth Horishny, Hofstra, 2020—2021, Next position: TBD
  • Kevin Kuo, UMD, 2020—2021, Next position: CMU (PhD)
  • Anthony Ostuni, UMD, 2020—2021, Next position: UCSD (PhD)
  • Neehar Peri, UMD, 2020—2021, Next position: CMU (PhD)
  • Aman Jaiman, UMD, 2019—2020, next position: Microsoft
  • Uro Lyi, UMD, 2019—2021, next position: Citadel
  • Naveen Raman, UMD, 2019—, next position: Cambridge Scholarship followed by CMU (PhD)
  • Mary Monroe, UMD, 2019—2020, next position: Amazon
  • Charles Cui, Oberlin, 2019—2020, next position: Northwestern (PhD)
  • Kendra Griesman, Haverford, 2019—2020, next position: 84.51 Degrees
  • Weiqin Wang, Penn State, 2019—2020, Next position: CMU (Msc)
  • Tyler Will, Michigan State, 2019—2020, Next position: Columbia University (PhD)
  • Zeyu "Zach" Zhao, Montgomery Blair High School & UMD, 2019—2020, Next position: TBD
  • Darshan Chakrabarti, CMU, 2018—, Next position: Columbia University (PhD)
  • Kweku Kwegyir-Aggrey, UMD, 2018—, Next position: Brown University (PhD)
  • Yuhao Wan, Carleton, 2018—2019, Next position, University of Washington (PhD)
  • Joseph "J.T." Bergman, UMD, 2017—2019, Next position: Microstrategy
  • Samsara Counts, GWU, 2017—2019, Next position: MPI-SWS
  • Willy Lang, UMD, 2017—2019, Next position: Flatiron Health
  • Cameron Moy, UMD, 2017—2018, Next position: Northeastern (PhD)
  • Ishaan Parikh, UMD, 2017—2018, Next position: Robinhood
  • Linyi Xi, Haverford, 2017—2018, Next position: CMU LTI (MSc)
  • Naveen Durvasula, Montgomery Blair High School & UC Berkeley, 2017—, Next position: TBD
  • Ayman Karim, UMD, 2016—2017, Next position: Blend
  • Aditya Mithas, UMD, 2016—2017, Next position: Google
  • Kevin Schechter, UMD, 2016—2017, Next position: Microsoft
  • Benjamin Plaut, CMU, 2015—2016, Next position: Stanford (PhD)

If you are missing from this website, or if your information is out of date, please get in touch with John!